Here’s How to Plan a Budget Trip to Mysore

You may be on a tight budget but don’t let that stop you from going on a vacation. Here is a guide to planning a budget trip without spending too much and still getting the vacation you’ve been planning.

Within a tight budget, if you want to get the essences of a city having an old charm, magnificent palaces, rich heritage, imposing buildings, beautifully laid-out gardens, and sacred temples, Mysore will be certainly the best option for you.

However, not everyone has a good budget to cherish all the luxuries in a trip. To enjoy a pocket-friendly yet satisfactory trip, these are the suggestions you can keep in mind and save money on your trip.

Avoid the Peak Season and Weekends:

Like hotels and airfare expenses, prices around the city sites tend to shoot up high during the peak season. If you want to save money, you should consider taking the trip during the off-peak season like May or September. Try to find cheap hotels in Mysore. Not only this strategy will be helpful to minimize expenses but also it will help you to avoid crowds. The trip would be much more relaxing if the city is not packed …