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The Path to Becoming a Teacher In Texas

Some people describe teaching as a noble profession. To others, teaching is a calling. A teacher is one of the most important people in every human society. Students and entire societies are molded like the potter does by teachers. A lot of emphasis is put on the training offered to teachers and this is because of the core role played by teachers.

Like in any other state or country, Texas has also put a lot of emphasis on the teacher training programs. Several qualifications you must have to become a teacher have been set. You are unfit to teach in a classroom if you do not have the set qualifications. The reason these standards have been put in place is to ensure that the students are taught by qualified personnel and that the education they get is standardized. The Texas teaching qualification tests and training is what we will look at in this discussion.

The first thing any person willing to become a teacher in Texas has to do is to obtain a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning. Apart from teachers in the health sciences and trade education, all the others must obtain this bachelor’s degree. Teachers training for health sciences and trade education are exempted from this.

Completion of teaching preparation program is the next step. This preparation program is compulsory for all aspiring teachers. No person is allowed beyond this point if they lack the university training required.

Having taken the educator preparation test, you are free to move to the next step. People who failed in the preparation tests cannot move to the next test and will be forced to retake the tests. The next step after passing the teacher preparation tests is to take the teacher certification tests. Texas like all the other states in America have put this as a compulsory step before becoming a teacher. Verification to apply for a job is done once you pass these tests.

Job application is the next step you go to after being verified. Be keen to note that job application in Texas is done only through the state department of education. If your verification was unsuccessful, you will never be allowed to apply for any teaching job anywhere in Texas. This is how the state ensures that all its teachers are qualified for classroom teaching. This step can be the last one for people applying for the job and have prior teaching experience.

Finally, once you have gone through the above steps and your application is accepted, you may go to the next step. First time applicants of teaching jobs are the only ones that have to come this far. What happens during this step is fingerprinting. Fingerprinting is made a compulsory thing as it gives background information on any criminal activities of the applicants.

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News For This Month: Teachers