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Sell Your Picture in Stock Photography Sites The stock photography businesses is already an established business since the year 1920 and is still blooming its business until now. In fact the very first of the stock photography company was called the Robert Stock company and is currently on business up until today. The stock photos were primarily the putties or the second only in terms of the shoots right before the internet came into the world. The company had become stock photography in the year 1960s and they made this as their specialty and there was also a surge of this among the freelance photographers and amy individuals who are into the prohography. In the days since the start of the internet and digital photography, there are numerous number of companies in the stock business that has been blossoming and there are number of pictures that has soared into the tens of millions times compared before. The digital photography and the explosion of the so many reasonable prices of the high end camera have become democratize the stock photography but also this had changed the entire structure of the pricing. The days when the freelance photographers would be able to make a living strictly from the photography are now pretty much over now except for some selected few at the top of the agencies. there are some few people who are able to manage to earn as much as $300 in a day but this will take a lot of effort. For the majority of the freelance photographers it can be a part time earnings that will definitely include or cover the billings they got from the photography habit they have been keeping for the long time and this will help them pay those billings.
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When you are comparing the agencies for the stock photo, there are many number of factors that you must consider right before you decide which of this one will you be submitting your images. there two major types of the photography, the stock photography and also the microstock photography sites.
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The stock photography sites are considered the old school sites type where the photos are being licensed for the fees that ranges from a few dollars up to the few thousands of dollars and this requires you to pay the amount in full. The screening process for the photographer acceptance can be both time consuming and sometimes it is so tedious but they usually are the primary the domain of the true professional photographers that is why the fees can also be considered an advantage one.