Here’s How to Plan a Budget Trip to Mysore

You may be on a tight budget but don’t let that stop you from going on a vacation. Here is a guide to planning a budget trip without spending too much and still getting the vacation you’ve been planning.

Within a tight budget, if you want to get the essences of a city having an old charm, magnificent palaces, rich heritage, imposing buildings, beautifully laid-out gardens, and sacred temples, Mysore will be certainly the best option for you.

However, not everyone has a good budget to cherish all the luxuries in a trip. To enjoy a pocket-friendly yet satisfactory trip, these are the suggestions you can keep in mind and save money on your trip.

Avoid the Peak Season and Weekends:

Like hotels and airfare expenses, prices around the city sites tend to shoot up high during the peak season. If you want to save money, you should consider taking the trip during the off-peak season like May or September. Try to find cheap hotels in Mysore. Not only this strategy will be helpful to minimize expenses but also it will help you to avoid crowds. The trip would be much more relaxing if the city is not packed with people.

Opt for Package Policies:

Various travel companies and portals offer Mysore holiday packages and deals. Choosing them can help in saving money as these are ‘all-inclusive’ trips including staying at luxurious yet cheap hotels in Mysore and air tickets.

Select Your Destination Wisely:

An important tip when you want to save money on your trip is to avoid tourist traps and select a place which is less prominent. There are two things prominently observed about tourist traps. One, the places of interest is usually overcrowded and two, everything there is overpriced – from destination air tickets, to the food and even the hotels.

Depending upon your interests, you can browse the internet to select a place in Mysore which is indeed beautiful and affordable. You can even call the customer care of various travel portals to know more about these places.

Avail the Public Transportation:

When traveling, transportation costs can really add up. Always try to avoid local taxis when possible. Taxis are highly convenient but the prices are high and there are usually more budget-friendly alternatives available. Public transportation is not only a great way to save money but it can provide an excellent way to experience new places around the city of Mysore. Also, walking when possible is your best budget-friendly way to travel. It is a fantastic way to sight see and it is completely free.

Take Care of Your Food Expenses:

Eating while on vacation can really start adding up to your expenses if you are not careful. Try and plan your meals in advance whenever possible. Then, you can control the cost of the restaurants you visit and not end up shocked when you get the bill in hand. Shopping locally and preparing your own meals is also a viable alternative that can be an entertaining option that will really save money.

Free Activities

Not everything on your trip has to cost money. Most places you visit will have tourist traps that are expensive and not all they are cracked up to be. Talk to locals and see what they love to do. Some may even volunteer to show you around. Check out all the local sites that are admission free. Places like the Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hill, Mysore Zoo and other tourist sites and parks are often free or low-prices and will offer you a great glimpse of culture wherever you are visiting.

Now you know how to spend your days vacationing in Mysore without burning a hole in your pocket. So, have a happy and memorable journey to Mysore!