Soothing remedies for your dog’s ear infection

Ear infection is a very common trouble for any dog. If you see your dog getting irritated without any reason or if he is continuously scratching behind his ears, then you can rest assured that your dog is suffering from ear infection. Nothing to be scared of, as ear infection in dogs is a very normal health problem.

You will find three types of ear infection in dogs, outer ear infection, middle ear infection and inner ear infection. Out of these three outer ear infection is easy to treat, but if your dog is suffering from middle or inner ear infection consult your vet. Bacterial attacks, fungal growth, mite infestation, and food allergies have a lot to contribute to the ear infection. Sometimes even a cut or a small scratch can even lead to severe ear infection in dogs.

The dog cannot speak, they won’t be able to tell u what they are suffering from.

It’s time to hit the vet’s chamber when

Your dog can’t stay without scratching his ear

You find any yellow or bloody discharge from his ear

Any bad odor coming from your dog’s ear

Hair loss in and around his ear

Slight or deep swelling

If your dog is unable to hear you out

Ear infections can be very painful at times. Therefore, being cautious won’t do any harms, check your dog’s ear regularly.

You can try out some simply treatments to give your dog relief.

Clean his ear. Make it free of any dirt or dust. Use warm water and cotton balls for this treatment.

If you are applying any drops inside the ear, check if it is too cold or too hot. As anything above normal temperature will surprise the dog. It might also worsen the infection inside the ear.

You can apply apple cider vinegar in the infected area. However, you need to make sure that your dog is not having any open wounds. In the case of open wound, you can mix the cider vinegar with purified water. Apple cider vinegar is best known to fight bacteria.

You can try out garlic oil as it fights any bacterial or fungal infections. It is advisable to make the garlic oil at home and apply the same to your dog’s ear.

Green tea drops work like magic in soothing down any pain inside the ear. You need to boil organic green tea leaf in water and let it cool for some time, then apply it in your dogs’ ear.

You can also use boric acid to heal the infected area. You can find this in any medical store. It is one of the most powerful remedies to fight bacteria.

Compress your dog’s ear with a warm water bag. No matter how severe the infection is, your dog will find relief from this treatment.

Being a dog owner, it hurts to see them in real pain. It becomes hard to tolerate when the adorable furry member of the family becomes quiet. Therefore, don’t wait if you find your dog suffering from any pain, take the first step in curing him all by yourself, but don’t hesitate to consult a vet if anything serious crops up. Get Amazing articles from dogsora.