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When You Might Need a DUI Attorney

If a sentence was already handed down, can some DUI lawyer still assist you in terms of safeguarding your driving benefits? By asking for a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles, it is likely for you to examine every evidence and put forth your personal case. At this point in time, even if not mandatory, it is essential to have a lawyer who can assist you all the way through.While it is not required, it is imperative to be with an attorney who can guide you throughout the right through the ordeal, although it is not necessarily a requirement.

Similar to the usual court trial, everyone involved is given an opportunity to answer questions and other people may be brought in to bear witness in your behalf.

How to Prearrange a Hearing

You can prearrange a hearing within 10 days following receipt of the information that you no longer have driving privileges. Most entities are unlikely to grant your request once the deadline has elapsed. It is important that you consult with a DUI attorney and discover if a hearing will be beneficial for you in any case.
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If you work with a counselor, similar to all other legal cases, your chance for a good outcome will be better. A fee is usually collected for requesting the hearing and the person requesting for such must pay whatever the outcome will be. This hearing does not seek to establish if you have or have not committed some criminal act.The focal point will be on your blood test or breathalyzer, whether you got arrested or not, and whether you refused to be tested, which could have given you the opportunity to vindicate yourself. There is not an obligation on your part to prearrange a hearing.
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What to Expect at the Hearing

The hearing is going to consider only some things in particular. For instance, you are given the chance to defend your test results or present your reason/reasons for refusing to take such. You can hire a DUI attorney to represent you, although legal representation isn’t mandatory. You can question witnesses if you want and you have the right to obtain all of the facts against you. At the same time, you will receive written information once a decision is reached. For some people, this offers an opportunity to break free of the charges and regain access to their driver’s license.

Possible Results

It’s possible that everything will remain as is and that your criminal charges along with the consequences will prevail. Then again, you could receive a dismissal of the suspension and they will give your license back to you. Your DUI lawyer should be able to give you additional information regarding what you can expect to happen depending on what transpires at the hearing.

It is important though to keep in mind that the result at the DMV hearings has totally nothing to do with any criminal indictment, sanctions, or penalties.