Top Tips to Help You House Train Your Dog


A new puppy can bring a special energy into a home and bring great enjoyment for all of the family. However, it’s important to remember that they aren’t toys and don’t come with pre-programmed responses. Accordingly, if you don’t teach them not to do their business on that new pair of shoes you just received from the Groupon Coupons page for Jos A Bank, they won’t know that what they are doing is wrong.

If you are about to receive a new puppy in your home, below are some great tips to help you house train it.

Positive Reinforcement is the Key

There was once a time where rubbing your puppy’s nose in their business and giving them a smack was the only method. However, modern times have taught us that this can cause serious mental problems for your puppy when they grow up.

For this reason, it’s important that you only use positive reinforcement when training your little pet and never growl or raise your voice to them while they are peeing. This can cause them to associate the act with a negative reaction.

For example, if you notice that your puppy is about to do their business, pick them up and take them outside. Wait there until they do their business and then give them a small treat or a reward with lots of praise. This will foster a positive feeling about going to the toilet and not associate the activity with being punished.

When undertaking this method, it is important that you act very quickly. If you notice that your little one has already done their business, it is too late to try to take them outside and expect them to do it again. For this reason, while you are training them, it’s important that you keep your eye on them at all times, so that you can catch them at the right moment to help them learn.

A Pee Mat

If your pet lives in an apartment with you or the yards of your house don’t have any grass then you can utilize a Pee Mat. A Pee Mat is a large plastic square which sits slightly above the ground. On the top are grills which funnel liquid into the center where it is captured. On top of this is a layer of artificial grass which is used to encourage your puppy to do their business.

These can work great for small spaces, however, if you don’t keep them clean and well maintained then they can quickly cause bad odors throughout your home or apartment.

Lead by Example

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to a tip which requires you to teach your puppy how to do their business. Instead, ask your friends or family members if they have any small dogs which are house trained that you can invite to your home. If your puppy is able to see other dogs go outside to do their business then they will follow suit, quickly learning that outside is the place to go.

It doesn’t take much to house train a dog, it just takes a little time and some patience. When you are training your puppy, remember that they only want to please you, and anything they do wrong isn’t meant to anger you, they just need a gentle lesson.